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Premium Seafood Exporter

Exquisite seafood processed with care for global markets. Sustainable sourcing guaranteed.

Quality Assurance Team

Ensuring highest standards

From sourcing to packaging

Premium seafood guaranteed

Global Market Reach
Bulk Order Specialist

Leading Seafood Exporter in Kerala

Sait Exim, located in Kerala, India, is a premier seafood processing company dedicated to delivering the freshest and safest seafood worldwide. With a focus on sustainable sourcing and meticulous packaging, our premium products meet the highest standards.



Premium Quality Guaranteed

Global Reach

Premium Seafood Exporters

Leading the industry with state-of-the-art processing and sustainable sourcing practices for premium seafood worldwide.

Global Seafood Exporting

Specializing in exporting the finest quality seafood to global markets with meticulous packaging and guaranteed freshness.

Quality Seafood Processing

Processing seafood through our factory and exporting globally for bulk orders and container shipments. From Kerala, India to the World.

Premium Seafood

Located in the heart of Kerala, India, Sait EXIM ensures the highest standards of freshness and safety in every product. Our dedicated team oversees sustainable sourcing and meticulous packaging for premium seafood worldwide.


Kerala, India


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